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European Commission and European Investment Fund mobilise €500 million for social and micro-entrepreneurs

To promote jobs and growth in Europe, social and micro-enterprises will soon have access to over €500 million in finance. This is the result of a new mandate agreement signed today between the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF). Support will be made available under the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), which […]

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Eurostat: In 2014, CO2 emissions in the EU estimated to have decreased by 5% compared with 2013

Eurostat estimates that in 2014 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion1 decreased by 5.0% in the European Union (EU), compared with the previous year. CO2 emissions are a major contributor to global warming and account for around 80% of all EU greenhouse gas emissions. They are influenced by factors such as climate conditions, […]

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Court of Justice : EU citizens who move to a Member State may be excluded from entitlement to certain social benefits

According to Advocate General Wathelet, EU citizens who move to a Member State of which they are not nationals may be excluded from entitlement to certain social benefits during the first three months

However, they may not be excluded during that period from entitlement to benefits intended to facilitate access to the labour market without being […]

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Eurostat : Facts and views about quality of life in the EU

Traditionally official statistics describe economic and social developments by using indicators such as GDP. However, today it is widely accepted that GDP alone is not enough to show how well or badly people are doing. Quality of life is indeed a broader concept which includes a full range of factors which people value in life […]

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